As a Canadian federal non profit organization, the Lab does not have shareholders, we have members. Five out of six membership categories are reserved for organizations: public sector, private sector, academic sector, non profit sector and founding members (DIACC and In-Sec-M).

All categories of membership are represented on the Board of Directors of the Lab.


The sixth category of membership in the Lab are “Individuals” and this category is also represented on the Board of Directors. Membership, both for organizations and for individuals, is usually by invitation only but if you think you can support and contribute to the Mission of the Lab, feel free to Request Membership and we will start a conversation with you!

Patrick Cormier

Patrick Cormier
Chief Operating, Financial & Legal Officer
Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada

Pierre Roberge

Pierre Roberge
General Manager
Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada

That's what they say ;-)

“We believe that a strong Digital Identity ecosystem is critical to unlocking the digital economy in a way that both drives economic growth and protects Canadians’ privacy. We are proud to work with The Lab to promote interoperability, reduce technological barriers, and accelerate adoption of these exciting digital solutions.”

Esther Dryburgh, Digital Identity Lead at Deloitte


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