No one wakes up in the morning thinking, “I really need to understand digital ID today”. We get that. However…

We also believe that each of us has a role to play in creating a user-centric, privacy-enhancing and technologically interoperable world unlocking new exciting and inclusive possibilities and also unlocking the global digital economy. Whether you are a technologist, policy maker or executive, you can be part of the solution, the solution to a world that currently lacks connectivity. You could contribute to a world that implements privacy by design, is user-centric and fully enables digital identity has a basic human right.

One of our contributions to this shift towards digital identity is to offer you a “Digital Identity Education Portal”. This Portal provides you with a free, on demand and structured learning environment so you too can play your part in this worldwide shift!

The link to the Education Portal will be published here in June 2021.


That's what they say ;-)

“The Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada continues to advance the country’s digital identity ecosystem through persistent advocacy of compliance and interoperability. This collaboration spurred between the private and public sectors has allowed providers and partners to work together and accelerate the understanding and adoption of digital identity across Canada.

These developments have been crucial with the increase of remote work and the importance of safe online transactions. Canadians need methods to trust online verifications to the same degree as in-person transactions, and the Lab plays a major role in allowing organizations to evaluate and adopt these solutions.

We are proud to be a sponsor of the Lab. Working alongside them to expand Verified.Me’s interoperability with international standards and improve the digital lives of Canadians has been an inspiring experience, and we are excited for what this beneficial partnership will continue to have in store for the future.”

Didier Serra, SecureKey Technologies


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