Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a formal and necessary compliance assessment process performed by IDLab to identify and evaluate privacy risks associated with the:

    • use of a solution or a service component offered by an identity service or a technology provider; or
    • development cycle of a project, a program or system (technology or solution).

The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) performed by the IDLab check any application that involves the use of personal information against industry standards or best practices as an essential requirement to be part of a network or supply chain or with legal obligations imposed by a jurisdictional authority, such as GDPR in Europe, PIPEDA in Canada and the Private Sector Act in Quebec.

Benefits for client

A critical output of the PIA process is the implementation, by the client, of the recommendations detailed in the PIA report in order to adhere voluntarily to a standard or regulation and/or to comply with federal or provincial legislation or with the Privacy component of the Pan Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF)


4 to 6 weeks


PIA Report

PIA Assessment